Friday, May 16, 2014

If this is Friday, this must be Belgium

As many of you know, the famous partner unit and I (above) have decamped for Belgium and France. We spent today in Brussels, at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts - site of Auden's famous poem "Musée des Beaux Arts," and the two wonderful Brueghels that inspired it - as well as the Musical Instruments Museum (pictured). Tomorrow we're off to Bruges, and the only statue by Michelangelo to leave Italy in his lifetime (along with a whole lot more good stuff, like fresh Leonidas chocolate and pommes frites with Belgian mayonnaise).  Sunday we head to Paris, and then the Loire Valley - where they're expecting rain; too bad! But we hope to have fun there anyway, as we're joining Marie, our famous travel buddy and official Restaurant Manager (you know her from previous trips to Rome and Madrid).

Now I know what you're thinking - what about Boston? But I do hope to post two outstanding reviews over the next week, of the Lyric's Into the Woods and the New Rep's On the Verge, along with updates from my travels abroad.  So stay tuned!

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