Monday, March 17, 2014

For a gay St. Patrick's Day: Panti Bliss, the Pet Shop Boys, and "Oppressive/The Best Gay Possible"

I'm sure many of you have heard or seen (it went viral some time ago) the impromptu speech at Dublin's Abbey Theatre by Irish drag queen "Panti Bliss" (a.k.a. Rory O'Neill) on the latest trends in homophobia - like the ones promoted in the New York Times by religious bigot Ross Douthat (or "Douche-hat," as my friends now call him), or the ones still being clung to by the organizers of the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Southie.

Well, the Pet Shop Boys set a trance-y dance track to O'Neill's remarks, and recently released it as a single called "Oppressive (The Best Gay Possible)."  It seems an appropriate soundtrack to St. Patrick's Day here in Boston in 2014, and indeed around the world. Above, the Pet Shop Boys.  Below, the original speech. Enjoy.  Happy gay St. Patrick's Day! And long live gay Ireland!

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