Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from the Hub Review

That's photographer Ed Wheeler invading late Monet in a Santa suit, as he has much of Western art - indeed, Wheeler by now has a whole line of what he calls "Santa interventions," which you can view here.  Enjoy - and happy holidays from the Hub Review.  We're up in Maine, on Mount Desert Island, hunkered down with the partner's family after an ice storm which left power lines down all over the state. So there has been light posting of late - often done on the fly, in Bar Harbor cafes with wifi. But then there was a Christmas miracle, and the lights came back on for the big day.  (Thank goodness!)  Today the landscape seems made of glass, and the treetops are ablaze with diamond fire; I'm reminded that Mark Twain once dismissed the Taj Mahal as "not as beautiful as Hartford after an ice storm."  So even the worst winter weather has its upside.  Merry Christmas!

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