Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Another artist we should have in the Hub: Gabriel Dawe

An installation from the "Plexus" series.
No, the artwork above isn't some kind of high-tech hologram, and no prisms were involved in its production.

Surprisingly enough, it's just thread (at left), patiently woven by Mexican artist Gabriel Dawe into floating, ghostly spectra that seem to charge the very air they inhabit with a radiant beauty.

So it's no surprise his rainbow-hued installations are popping up all over the globe.

Except here.  At least not so far.

Now The Hub Review, as its readers know, takes an occasional interest in the crummy state of contemporary public art here in the Athens of America.  But Dawe is the kind of public artist we like, and feel Boston needs more of: the radiant hazes he weaves have little to add to critical theory (that's a plus), but deliver quite a punch to the visual pleasure center (that's another plus).

What's more, they're obviously animated by democratic artistic principles (everyone "gets" Gabriel Dawe). And just look what this artist can bring to the kind of ceremonial spaces we have scattered all over the Hub:

Imagine a similar installation in Lobby 7 at MIT (at 77 Massachusetts Ave). MIT is a natural for Dawe, of course, because his work would have special resonance in any space consecrated to science (and just btw, MIT, such a piece would be a worthy addition to an outstanding outdoor collection that includes the stunning Jaume Plensa sculpture across the street).

But honestly, a piece by Dawe would be ravishing in any number of atriums across the city.

So let's hope someone is reading this who can afford to invite this rising star to scout out locations for his next installation!

More on Gabriel Dawe is here. 

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