Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Today's video: A tribute to Kubrick from Cassini

Around Saturn from fabio di donato on Vimeo.

This montage of imagery from the spacecraft Cassini as it soars through the rings of Saturn is not only a startling scientific document, it's also a wry tribute to Stanley Kubrick, as it mirrors - only this time with actual photography - the ravishing sequence in 2001 in which we first see the monolith floating among Jupiter's moons.

So it's fitting that the maker of this video, Fabio di Donato, should have chosen one of Kubrick's melancholy themes from Eyes Wide Shut as his accompaniment - Shostakovich's wonderful Waltz No. 2, from his Jazz Suite No. 2.  More information about the video's creation and the Cassini mission is here.  Enjoy.

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