Friday, March 22, 2013

CitiCenter millionaires like their mimes to work for free

Why so sad, George?
Fellow blogger Ian Thal has a brave and damning post up at the Clyde Fitch Report regarding recent shenanigans over at CitiCenter.  It seems that Ian, a local commedia performer and teacher (among other things) was recently solicited by the organization's education department to perform at an "interactive arts festival" at a local library.

Oops - I meant to say "perform for free."

But as you may know by now, Ian Thal is not one to take that kind of "offer" lying down.  He digs into CitCenter's tax returns, and not only names names, but salaries. As Ian notes, the leaders of CitiCenter (and Josiah Spaulding actually is not the highest paid) walked away in 2010 with exactly 2,909,547 reasons why the organization can't afford to pay their mimes a single dollar.

As Ian notes, Amanda Palmer would be proud of CitiCenter.  But should the rest of us be?


  1. Thanks, Tom!

    I was shocked to find that there was one individual who actually received more money than the entire board of directors combined!

  2. He probably knows where all the bodies are buried!