Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas from the Hub Review

It's Christmas, so we're taking the day off, and hope you are, too. Happy Holidays from the Hub Review!

After a whirlwind of holiday-season reviewing, we feel we've earned a few silent nights!  But as of today most shows have closed, and little will be opening till after New Year's.

Don't worry, though - we still have things to say.  We even have one more review to post for December, of Fully Committed at the New Rep, which closes this weekend.

And we'll be back over the next few days with a round-up of the best in Boston theatre from the past year, as well as a return to our thoughts on race on local stagings, an essay on Peter Jackson's The Hobbit, and perhaps even another round of Hubbie Awards.

So stay tuned!

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