Sunday, November 4, 2012

See, this is where the Romneys get absolutely infuriating

I don't know if you've been following all of the recent Romney dirt.  But you might be interested to learn the latest.

The first point is that Bloomberg has done a little digging, and has discovered that Romney deferred taxes for some fifteen years through a complicated (now outlawed) financial instrument called a "charitable remainder unitrust."

Essentially, the guy has been renting the tax-exempt status of that cult he belongs to for years.

That's creepy enough, but what has been leaking out about number-one-son Tagg is even weirder.  He and wife Jennifer have six children, as has been widely reported - what has been less reported is that three of those six have been delivered through surrogate mothers, including twins born this year.

Now surrogacy is not something one normally associates with conservative family values.  But hey - it's Tagg and Jennifer Romney's private life, and normally I'd say it's nobody's business.

Only it has also leaked out that there was an "abortion clause" in the contract that Tagg and his wife signed with their surrogate.  The clause made it clear that if the fetus in question developed any abnormalities, Tagg and his wife had the right to require an abortion, even against the wishes of the surrogate.

But wait, it gets better.  It turns out Mitt Romney himself covered some of the costs of that contract.

Now, of course, everyone's saying that "abortion clause" was just "a stupid mistake."  They meant to leave it out.

Okay, sure.  Try explaining that to some of the crazy Catholic bishops who are backing you.  What's that - it's all being kept under the radar, so they don't know?

Really.  So, Mitt, you're renting the tax exemption of your church, while at the same time financing abortion clauses for your son's surrogacies.

And somehow this isn't leading the network news.


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