Monday, November 19, 2012

I just realized I write at least a 500-page book every year

It began with my noting (as I often do) that I had more to say about the Huntington production of Betrayal than anyone else in town did.

Then I remembered how I'd scribbled something like 3,000 words in my two-part review of Mamet's Race early this month. (Actually make that close to 4,5000 words total I've expended on Race, as I also blogged about the play back when it was on Broadway.)  Nobody else in Boston clocked in with even a quarter of that.

Then I suddenly got a little obsessed, and began tallying up all my reviews for the past thirty days or so, combining them into one super-long document - which ran close to 21,000 words.  Which would mean I write something like 250,000 words over the course of the year.  But the blogging goes down by at least a third over the summer, I suddenly remembered - so I'm guessing I come in at about 220,000 words annually on this blog.

At 400 words per page, that's a 550-page book.

I've written a 550-page book on the Boston cultural scene every year for the past five years.

No wonder I'm always tired.

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