Sunday, October 14, 2012

How do you debate a liar? Obama better learn . . .

I wish people would begin to see Obama's "lackluster" performance in the first debate as what it was: something like shell-shock before what may be the most brazenly dishonest performance in recent political history - and yes, this is even taking into account the usual fibs and stretches we normally expect from political candidates.  The sad fact is that Mitt Romney got up before a national television audience and simply lied about his ideas, his proposals, and his  platform, as well as Obama's first term and platform, and was never called on any of it.

At last people are beginning to realize this, I think - or at least the Wall Street Journal is getting nervous about it, which is surely a good sign.  The question is, how does Obama counter it?  To be honest, his weak spot as a political tactician has always been his apparent trust in his ability to find common ground, to get to the facts of the case, to build a reasonable coalition based on truth.

But to be blunt - with the Republicans, that ain't never gonna happen, Barry!  So take a page from Joe Biden's play book, why dontcha - just don't respect Romney's b.s. anymore.  And you'll have to somehow prepare for a "debate" in which your opponent continually denies his own positions.  (An interesting intellectual quandary, surely!)

Meanwhile, to everyone else who cares about this country - the next time someone describes Mitt Romney as a "flip-flopper," stop and correct them.  Mitt Romney is a liar.

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