Wednesday, September 5, 2012

When in Rome . . . you don't blog much . . .

Yes, that's yours truly, with my buddy Marie (the partner unit was behind the camera), in front of something even older than we are, the Pantheon; the Hub Review is in the Eternal City for a week, which means blogging will remain sparse, alas, till my/our return.  I wish I could say I'm sorry about it, but I'm not, not really . . . . but I will tell you everything that happened when I get back!


  1. Was in Rome on July 1st... Pity I couldn't stay for more than nine hours or so (one day in port on a 13-day cruise), but we packed a heluva lot into that time: the Coliseum, St Peters' Basilica and Square in time for an appearance by the Pope, a nice lunch, the Pantheon, Trevi fountain, Spanish Steps, the Maltese gate, gelato, scenic views, etc. Enjoy!

  2. Have a great time Tom, Carl and Marie

  3. Wish you were here Geoff! You have to come to Madrid with us in the spring.