Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shaking off the summer

It has been harder than usual this year for me to shake off the summer, I admit.  Or maybe it's just that this was a particularly lazy summer for me? Perhaps!

At any rate, I went to my first show of the season last night and thought - I'm just not ready for this!

And I've got such a backlog, too, of unfinished series about The Dark Knight (ugh), and the role of the critic in the free market, etc., etc.  Sigh - the usual suspects!  Are you getting as tired of these topics as I am? How many times do I have to ponder the role of the critic, for instance?  What will spilling a little more verbiage over our current cultural dilemma really accomplish?

Oh well, I suppose duty calls; but I'd really rather have another cosmo and hang by the pool while the world ends, thank you very much.

Preferably with that guy in the gif.

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