Monday, August 27, 2012

Update: Romney's tax return secrecy tied to his possible abortion profits

The Romney abortion-profit story has grown longer legs already - a synergy has been sparked in the blogosphere between it and another simmering Romney controversy. Indeed, even some Republicans are now speculating that the reason he has refused to release his tax returns is that they will show clear evidence of his personal financial gains from Stericycle, the medical waste company that has long done business with abortion clinics (and which Romney's Bain Capital funded).

The embarrassing links between Romney's personal finances and hot-button abortion-activist issues go further, though.  Reportedly Romney's personal trust owns a substantial amount of stock in Novo Nordisk, which conducts embryonic stem-cell research; other holdings include Real Networks, News Corp. and Time Warner, which provide adult pay-per-view networks and distribute porn to hotel chains. Even such anodyne Romney investments as Pfizer could cause him trouble, as Pfizer manufactures an abortion drug. And amusingly, though Romney's Mormon faith forbids alcoholic beverages, he also owns stock in distillers Anheuser-Busch and Brown Forman.  Something tells me this story could be a keeper.


  1. This definitely isn't the last we'll be hearing about this topic... Good post

  2. What fascinates me about this dichotomy is how it summarizes the internal contradictions of the Republican party in a nutshell: here, cheek by ignorant jowl, are the amoral capitalist technocrat personified and his piously bigoted dupes, unable to perceive that their hero is actually funding the very things they insist they hate.