Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sure, Twitter sparked the Arab Spring, but can it bring free speech to the Theatre Communications Group?

Blogger and frequent Hub Review commenter Ian Thal has an amusing series of posts on his battle to be heard - despite his status as a volunteer - at the national Theatre Communications Group conference held in Boston recently.  Seems TCG - which I've long considered a little creepy - was hoping to keep a lid on the opinions of those members of the 99% who were volunteering at the conference, even while giving them ample lip service at the sessions.  Be sure to RTWT (there are two posts).  And stay tuned for the impending name change of TCG to TMG (Theatre Miscommunications Group)!


  1. "Theatre Miscommunications Group." I love it. They keep saying they "miscommunicated" but I'm not clear what they meant to communicate.

    The flurry of tweets between George Hunka and Rob Weinert-Kendt is particularly entertaining.

  2. Ugh. Rob Weinert-Kendt. Again, categorize under "creepy."