Tuesday, July 31, 2012

If 2001 were being marketed today . . .

A friend just sent me the following pastiche of 2001:A Space Odyssey, re-cut as if it were being marketed as a summer blockbuster.  In its bone-dumb acceleration into a meaningless welter of thrills and scares, this "wild ride"of a trailer seemed to wittily reflect my comments on Prometheus, while offering a kind of testament to a style of contemplative speculative cinema that is now a thing of the past.  Enjoy.  And mourn!



  1. Priceless, and well worth watching. Although perhaps it would have benefited from one of those resonant VOs: "In a world where computers have more personality than people ...";-). And isn't interesting how up-to-date the footage looks, for a 44-year-old movie!

  2. What's interesting about the clip is the way you can feel all specific meaning being stripped right out of the images, and replaced with pumped-up adolescent tropes: Awesome! Watch Out! You RULE! Oh NO! It also leaves you wondering: can a viewer ponder the ramifications of images flickering at this speed? Can you react with anything more than fight-or-flight responses? In short, does speed = stupidity? Kubrick movies are notorious for being "too slow." Certainly this is sometimes true - but certainly movies can be "too fast" as well; it would seem all but impossible to load images with the metaphoric weight they have in 2001 while editing them like this.