Thursday, May 24, 2012

This is off topic, but is anyone else having trouble finding working Sovereign ATMs?

What I haven't seen in Boston lately.
A quick time-out for something completely different: has anyone else in the Boston area noticed that it's getting harder and harder to find a working Sovereign Bank ATM?

I'm a Sovereign Bank customer, and with my schedule, I usually find myself withdrawing about enough cash to last a week from an ATM sometime after normal business hours.  So I don't need an ATM all that often, but when I need cash, it's my only option.

And recently it has been harder and harder to find a working one.

Over the past few weeks, I have been frustrated by non-working Sovereign ATMs at the Boston Center for the Arts, at the Longwood Galleria, and in the Prudential Center.  Last week I discovered, as I dashed toward a restaurant one evening, that the Sovereign branch across from the Park Plaza only had a working ATM inside its locked lobby; the accessible one, mounted in its exterior wall, looked as if it had been broken for months, if not years.  And today I found that the Kenmore Square branch's lobby has a broken card reader, so I couldn't access that ATM, either.

Hmmm.  Does five broken ATMs constitute a pattern?  Does it constitute a conscious pattern?  I don't know, but I can say this - I haven't used a working Sovereign ATM in close to six weeks.  But rest assured, in each case I quickly found a nearby Bank of America ATM, but had to fork over $6 in fees to access my money - $3 to Bank of America, and $3 to Sovereign.

It occurs to me that this situation could amount to a tidy little revenue stream for this particular bank - it has already pocketed $15 of my money that it really has no right to have.  I admit I'm a little slow, but I'm beginning to think that if I don't find a working Sovereign ATM soon, it may be time to move my account someplace else.  Like even to Bank of America.


  1. Not sure why the ATMs are down, but why not consider a local bank or credit union?

  2. Good ideas, I'm just such a slug about chores like banking . . .