Saturday, April 28, 2012

Can we see Bombshell without having to watch Smash?

I can't stand Theresa Rebeck's TV mini-hit Smash, which is unsurprising; I can't stand Theresa Rebeck, period. But the New Yorker - which I also often can't stand (I once threw up while reading Sasha Frere-Jacques, or whatever his name is) - recently made a point that has been nagging me, too, every time the partner unit has turned Smash on (yes, at home sometimes we're into cultural dumpster diving).

And that is that the numbers from the show's mythical Broadway musical Bombshell are consistently pretty good - actually, better than just about anything else I've heard from Broadway recently.  So, like the New Yorker's Emily Nussbaum - who rivals Wesley Morris for snark-to-flattery-in-nothing-flat - I've been wondering: can't we see Bombshell on Broadway without having to watch the rest of Smash?  Alas, the show has already been renewed, so I guess the answer is "no."  But I can dream, can't I?


  1. I, too, hate Smash, but mainly because there's not one scintilla of truth in it about Broadway musicals nor real live adults who work on Broadway. Honestly, who wants to see a musical with no book and a bunch of songs that stylistically are all over the map? Not only is there no overall tone to Bombshell but there's no overall tone to Smash itself. I'm glad that Theresa Rebeck is gone, she knocks zilch about the making of a musical. Now, perhaps some new writer can have Debra Messing's character hit by a bus. I'm tired of supposedly adult characters behaving like hormonal teenagers.

  2. But since when is it so shocking that songs in a Broadway musical are "stylistically all over the map"? I agree with you - I'd just argue we lost that battle long ago; these songs are indeed all over the map - but at least they're good songs.

  3. Smash? That's still on?