Sunday, March 25, 2012

The theatrical event of the spring season is The Andersen Project at ArtsEmerson

Don't wait for my review, that won't happen for a few days. But get tickets to Robert LePage's The Andersen Project (video above, with LePage himself performing), which plays this week only at ArtsEmerson.  It is one of the events of the year, like Candide and The Speaker's Progress, and actor Yves Jacques's performance is one of the performances of the year - fluent, intelligent, utterly committed, exquisitely humane.  And he is surrounded by one of LePage's most successful attempts at evoking his vision of "living cinema," in which actors and puppets pass easily back and forth, as if in a kind of dream, between "theatrical" and "cinematic" space.  Though perhaps less focused than this artist's The Far Side of the Moon - which played at the A.R.T. what seems like an artistic age ago - The Andersen Project is studded with far more haunting images, the most ravishing of which I'm tempted to call unforgettable.  And there is one central sequence - a simple retelling of Andersen's fairy tale "The Shadow" - which in its stagecraft feels like simple perfection.  A must-see.


  1. These clips of Mr. LaPage doing the role make me realize how lucky we are that Yves Jacques has taken his place.

  2. Hey Marianna, how's Hollywood treatin' ya? I saw you in that trailer - very nice!