Sunday, January 8, 2012

Okay, we used to think J. Holtham was evil, but now we feel bad because we realize he's just dumb

J. Holtham, just to prove he's not really dedicated to smearing people's reputations and stifling discussion the way everyone thinks he is, has now gone and made himself look stupid as well as mean-spirited.  (That wag!!) In a  post today over at the Parabasis, he posits that  . . . well, he seems to be saying that debating whether various cultures are more or less attracted to traditional theatre is like denying marriage rights to gay people.

I'm not kidding, he actually says that.  I'm not sure that comparison even counts as "apples and oranges," frankly.  It's more like apples and . . . what?  Root vegetables?  Flying sheep?

Okay, so when attempting a parallel, Holtham wound up with a non sequitur.  But the funny thing is . . . a lot of gay people are NOT, in fact, attracted to traditional marriage!  So . . . not only is his "devil's-advocate" comparison utterly flawed - it also would seem to lead to the contradiction of the conclusion he imagines he's supporting in the case of theatre.


Yeah, right. Who knew the mean girls were so dumb?  The man is a dunce, pure and simple.

Oh I'm sorry - was that rude?  But I mean, it's not like I called him a racist . . .


  1. Well, Holtham, despite his self-portrait as an arbiter of progressiveness, has always had a rather unclear grasp (if not outright blindspot) regarding the civil rights demands of gay people (like marriage equality.) One need only take in account this post from 2010 when he suddenly realized "Don't Ask; Don't Tell" was really really unfair.

  2. I know, I remember that post. (In 2010!) It's especially interesting when he says, "As a straight guy, I get to have a blindspot to some things." Any idea what THAT is supposed to mean? No, wait - I don't think we want to know!

  3. I sort of understand the snark of "progressives" in the early 90s who, who had neither heard the Village People sing "In The Navy"* nor seen a Tom of Finland cartoon, asking "well, why would gays want to be in the military?"

    But in 2010 it should have been a no-brainer for anyone who claimed to be on the center to left sweep of the spectrum.

    * True story: I saw the song performed on the deck of an aircraft carrier in a Bob Hope salutes the Navy television special.

  4. You know, the whole warrior-homosexual thang is so evident throughout history, it's almost amusing discussing American paranoia regarding it. I think half the gay porn stars out there are former Marines.