Thursday, December 8, 2011

Call or email Mayor Menino and tell him to stop threatening Occupy Boston

The mayor in Mussolini mode.
Mayor Menino has given the occupiers till midnight to clear out of Dewey Square. This is important. The number for the Mayor's office is 617-635-4500. The email is My message went as follows:

Dear Mayor Menino:

I am a long-time Boston resident and have always been a supporter of yours but I swear I will never vote for you again if you clear Dewey Square of Occupy Boston.

Instead of threatening the "occupiers," you should be engaging with them in an effort to develop an effective political action plan for their cause, so that eventually the physical occupation itself will be irrelevant.

Suppressing what is essentially a valid protest of a society's inequities only and always ensures that said protest will return in a more violent form.

I urge you to reconsider your ultimatum.


Thomas Garvey

PS - If you care about the future of your country, it would be a good idea to go down to Dewey Square tonight.

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  1. Dear Mr. Mayor I am a 64 year year old man Born And raised in Boston.I believe the people of Occupy Boston would like you to meet them at Dewey Square tonite.
    Stan Bozek