Friday, July 29, 2011

Back-to-back Bard

Tonight, I'm off to New York to see the Royal Shakespeare Company in As You Like It, Julius Caesar, The Winter's Tale and King Lear (above, the RSC stage under construction in the Park Avenue Armory).  Reviews have been strongest for Winter's and As You Like It, but I'm hoping all the productions will prove invigorating - and it will be great to see four Bards back-to-back (even at Shakespeare festivals, as Art Hennessey has reported, that kind of immersion is becoming a rare thing!). In my few free hours in the Big Apple, I'm also hoping to squeeze into the Alexander McQueen show at the Met (wish me luck with that). I will duly report back on everything I saw next week!


  1. The McQueen is breathtaking. Worth the hour-plus wait in line.

  2. I did get in - although I had to simply join the Met to skip the line (which was a two-and-one-half-hour wait by noon). The show is smashing, though also horrifying. I'll write about it soon.