Thursday, May 26, 2011

Darth wins big

Yes, yes, you can stop e-mailing - I know you-know-who won big at the Nortons, for her various productions of Hair (not just Galt MacDermot's Hair, of course, but also Aeschylus's Hair and Shakespeare's Hair and a lot of other folks' Hair). As for her co-hort in crime's award - well, nothing scares liberal sheep like the spectre of racism, does it. I admit the whole spectacle of watching Kati Mitchell say "Jump!" and the Nortons responding "How high?" is a bit depressing - but on the other hand, catching a realistic glimpse of the power plays behind the theatre scene is always bracing in its way, isn't it. Anyway, enjoy the clip above of the A.R.T. accepting its awards at the ceremony (with an appropriate fanfare before "getting down," as the young people say).


  1. With the destruction of the Death Star and dissolution of the Evil Galactic Empire, the Dark Lord of the Sith may have lost many of his job perks, but at least he now has time to pursue his first love.

  2. But who knew his first love would turn out to be Hair?