Saturday, November 13, 2010

Many too small boxes and Maru

Somehow I can totally relate to this cat. Particularly with the "slim box."


  1. For someone who claims to be a dog person, you seem to post a disproportionate number of cat videos.

  2. Oh, I know what you're trying to do, Ian Thal! You're trying to get me to say something like "Well, maybe at some level I'm into pussy!" Which will only upset John Kuntz EVEN MORE and make him report me to the International Committee of Critical Ethics in the Hague! So NO WAY.

  3. Full disclosure: I may be a cat person, but even I pet dogs from time to time. I just don't intend to own one!

    So I suppose that it's entirely possible that you admire the grace and comic talent of those of the feline persuasion without actually wanting a long term relationship with one.

    Yeah, right.

    How can anyone not want to take Maru home and provide him with a wide array of ill-fitting boxes and bowls?

  4. Oh, and I am SO not getting involved in the Garvey/Kuntz feud. NOT going there!

    Garvey/Parabasis: yes.