Friday, February 26, 2010

Walters replies, sort of . . .

. . . but it's more of the same illogical weirdness. It's true I have turned off the comments section for awhile, to avoid the kind of flames that "Troll-Watcher" posted on Walters's blog. (I can tell he's never been through what I've been through before, with physical threats, etc.) If he thinks that's the equivalent of banning someone with a known identity, then he's, well, just more pompously silly than I thought. Walters also opines that I may be feeling "guilty" about parodying J. Holtham's viciousness. Really? Would I could parody that asshole all day long! (It would be so easy.) Walters does say his reasons for banning me are in the paragraph in which I discuss the rather obvious motivations for Holtham's and Butler's blogging. Sigh. He really hasn't figured that one out? Poor Scott.

[Update: Walters has apparently taken down the post. I guess even he realized just how lame it was.]