Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mass. madness

The man in full. Well, almost full.

Look, I don't like her either. I didn't vote for her (I didn't know who to vote for), and I agree, there's something creepily relentless about her dead-eyed determination. But that's no reason to derail health care, or the rest of the President's agenda - especially not for some Republican airhead (above) who's still undeniably hot but whose politics are not, NOT what our state or country needs. Is it some restless animus toward the Democratic machine that's driving this last-minute kamikaze-like madness? Is it the candidate's looks, or his Boston College connection (he's a classic B.C. type)? Is it that he, but not she, shook hands beside the Green Monster? I don't know, but all this has to stop. When you go to the polls on Tuesday, you have to do the right thing. You've sent Martha Coakley a message, which I'm sure she has received and is processing right now in that little data bank behind her eyes. And in the meantime, your country needs you to vote Democratic.

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