Thursday, January 21, 2010

It just got worse . . .

Our Cosmo-centerfold-Senator-elect has endorsed a "birther" for the U.S. House of Representatives. The sign at left - depicting "Obama" as "Osama" - drew ire from neighbors when it was on the lawn of Republican William Hudak of Boxford, who is running against U.S. Rep. John Tierney, a Salem Democrat, this fall. Hudak has said he believes Obama was born in Kenya. For his part, Senator Sleazy once insinuated that Obama was born out of wedlock.

I got some nasty notes when I posted elsewhere that the election of Scott Brown meant the beginning of the "white backlash" against Obama. But it really didn't take long, did it?

And I do have to wonder why Brown's marriage to well-known TV reporter Gail Huff has elicited so little coverage or contemplation. I was surprised that the local channels pimped for Brown so hard - now I have an idea why.

Brown also endeared himself to the public yesterday when he announced to media outlets that his two daughters were both "available." Thanks, Dad. Does the offer extend to Kenyans?

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