Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Off-topic, but seriously, how can I resist

You'll understand why I'm publishing the beefcake above when you learn that the hunk in the picture is none other than Republican Scott Brown, one of our current state senators, who just announced that he will be running for Ted Kennedy's vacant Senate seat. What he forgot to say in his press release, however, is that he posed nude for Cosmopolitan in 1982 (and even won a cash prize), back when he was "footloose and carefree" at - wait for it! - Boston College.

Ah, where to begin? (Besides wondering aloud, how did I ever miss this before??) That's Scott today, at left; at 50, he's obviously still doable. The only problem? He hates the gays! Yes! Ain't it ironic? The centerfold that might have caused a zillion queens to jump the fence (politically, at least) will instead only be used for - well, I'll leave that to your imaginations . . . just remember to confess it to Father Flanagan, boys! (Of course he's probably got his own copy.)


  1. A desire to limit gay recruitment activities in the public schools is NOT the same thing as "hating" gays. Get real. There is no evidence that Scott Brown "hates" gays. I, for one, am happy that Scott Brown understands that this is a problem, whereas Obama has appointed an advocate of gay recruitment among school children as his "safe schools" czar.

  2. "Gay recruitment activities in the public schools . . ?" By this I take it you mean discussing what is the law of the land, i.e., that gay people can get married? Or do you have other, even more warped ideas, Mr. S? Frankly, if you've got concerns about gay "recruitment," I'd save them for some of the priests back at Scott's alma mater.