Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Harold and Kumar Run the NEA; or at least Kumar does

Lee Rosenbaum (a.k.a. "culturegrrl"), who is hardly a Republican tool, reports a "creepy" phone call organized by White House "Office of Public Engagement" Associate Director Kalpen Modi (who looks all of 16 at left) that sounds similar to the call reported by Patrick Courrielche (and picked up by the Wall Street Journal). As I said before, the time for the Obama administration to stop this "arts czar" meme in its tracks is right now. [Note: please read the comments!]


  1. Hey,

    Kumar, of the Harold and Kumar movies, is running the call?

    Of course, most know him as Kal Penn, (Kalpen.)

  2. OMG! It is the same guy! And he is, indeed, now working at the White House! No wonder the NEA situation is heading south, it's being run by a movie actor . . . suddenly this is all becoming frightening clear, and really funny all at the same time . . .

    But whatever you do, don't tell the Drudge Report!

  3. I'm re-titling the post "Harold and Kumar Run the NEA," btw.

  4. RE Thomas Garvey

    You are all aware that President Reagan was a successful hollywood actor before he became Governor of California and later, the President?