Thursday, September 10, 2009

More from Don Hall! (You know you want it.)

Long time readers know that one of my flaws is that I simply enjoy belligerent stupidity too much to leave it alone. Indeed, I almost savor it. Yes, I know this is wrong - and I know someday I'll be in some circle of Purgatory blogging for Isaac Butler or something to atone for my sins. But in the meantime, the flesh is weak. And my inherent love of pleasure - even this perverse form of pleasure - is strong.

So I have to go back and make some more fun of Don Hall, a.k.a. "The Angry White Guy in Chicago" (above left), with my only justification being that he keeps sending me the material himself! I was good earlier today - you have to give me credit; I didn't publish the ridiculous comment that purported to justify his previous outbursts, but soon devolved into calling me a "douche." That's right. Ouch, that really hurt, Don! Stop it, you big bully! I did at least allude to the pointlessness of protesting one's reputation for homophobia by means of a slur against women. But somehow I think that was all lost on the Chicago blogosphere's answer to Einstein.

Because the funnyman is back! I got the follow-up below earlier today:

What a complete coward. And a douchebag.

I encourage you to admit openly that your argument about Tarantino/Thomas has nothing whatsoever to do with politics and that it has everything to do with your own Deadly Theatrical tendencies of artistic taste.

I understand that you are caught up in that conundrum of being so invested into [sic] an argument that you realize is false that it’s hard to admit your error. Do it anyway. The homophobe thing is a dodge and you know it.

This is pretty good, isn't it. Like so many commenters, Hall seems to feel that if he simply repeats himself he will somehow transcend his offensiveness, or the holes in his logic. And if that doesn't happen? Well, he just repeats himself again.

Also - note the intriguing capitalization of "Deadly Theatrical" (we'll ignore the misuse of "conundrum," and the ungrammatical "invested into," for the time being). Do I sense a theory of sorts banging around in that cute little pink tutu? Yes, I think I do!

But let's leave that hobbyhorse for another ride, too. In the meantime, let's simply savor the sheer blindness of the post - what I love about it most is Hall's claim, which sounds rather like a child singing to itself in the dark, that I "realize my argument is false but can't admit my error." Uh-huh. I hate to tell Hall that in fact, I'm just getting started. I've yet to really work out the parallel between Tarantino and Reifenstahl, or - better yet - the fact that Tarantino anticipates, even invites, the parallel himself, as evidenced by the many refs to Reifenstahl in Inglourious Basterds. In short, the meme has just begun, Bozo. You ain't seen nothin' yet.

As for whether you are aware of your own homophobia - please, who cares. Likewise your dependence on reverse class snobbery (and ageism!) as replacements for thought. That's how you run your blog, obviously - it's how you went so wrong on Under Milk Wood, for instance. How could I change you? I can't, and I'm not interested in doing so. You've served your purpose as Exhibit A, now move along.

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