Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just one more thought on the BSO . . .

I've gotten a little flak about my post below regarding BSO salaries - why publicize this kind of information in the current economic environment, people want to know - if at all?

My answer goes something like this: remember that controversial post so many moons ago about how people should not donate to the ART, BSO or MFA? That there were other, equally (if not more) worthy cultural organizations in far more dire straits? Well, consider this just one more piece of evidence to bolster that argument.

For while there are, no doubt, some Hub Review readers who make around $150,000-200,000 a year (my estimate of the annual pay, with extra gig money included, of a senior BSO player), I think there are many more of you who do not. So ponder this, underpaid minions - if you donate to the BSO, you are actually giving money to people who make more money than you do.

And why, exactly, would you do that? I'm just sayin'.

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