Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Gardner really did it

It's history.

I can hardly believe it, but the Gardner Museum has, indeed, just demolished a piece of Mrs. Gardner's legacy. Despite proof that the museum's founder was intimately involved in its design, the whimsically eccentric little structure was leveled yesterday. Somehow this is incredibly depressing, and incredibly distressing. I wish there were some way to visit jail time on museum director Anne Hawley and her Board, who by the end had to quash an open staff revolt before they could call in the wrecking ball. And it would be nice if they could share a cell with the Boston Landmarks Commission and the Massachusetts Historical Commission, which both signed off on the deal. But of course nothing will bring the building back.

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  1. For historic images of the carriage house as Gardner designed it in 1907 and images of its demolition July 6, 2009: