Friday, June 19, 2009

More Hubbies from the spring season, the Caucasian edition

No, I haven't forgotten the promised round of spring acting Hubbies (the virtual award modeled after Michael Phelps, at left). And there are plenty to distribute, ironically enough from many shows I didn't particularly like. We may be moving into that state in which the movies have long languished, in which the acting is the most reliable artistic element on view (this was particularly true in the various hootenannies at the Huntington). There were perhaps fewer flawless ensembles in the second half of the season (although the casts of Humble Boy and Moon for the Misbegotten came pretty close) but does that count as a trend? We'll leave that to fortune tellers and mountebanks. One thing I did notice, however, looking over my list, was its nearly blinding whiteness. We still don't see enough actors of color on our stages, and by that I mean every color - there are a few African-Americans who have found a place at the local theatrical table, but still fewer Latinos, and really no Asians or Indians or - well, you get the idea. Sigh. We'll have to ponder that one in a later post. But in the meantime, the Late Spring Hubbies for Acting by a Caucasian go to:

David DaCosta, Rebecca Shor, Joshua Smith - Working, Metro Stage Company;

Will Lebow, Thomas Derrah, Remo Airaldi - Romance, American Repertory Theatre;

Barlow Adamson, Alicia Kahn - On the Verge, Nora Theatre Company;

Ed Dixon, Anderson Davis, and ensemble - Pirates!, Huntington Theatre;

Sarah deLima, Leigh Barrett - Grey Gardens (at left), Lyric Stage;

Timothy John Smith, Amelia Broome - Jerry Springer: The Opera, SpeakEasy Stage;

Kate Udall, Gordon Joseph Weiss - A Moon for the Misbegotten, Merrimack Rep;

Marianna Bassham, Scott Severance - Picasso at the Lapin Agile, New Rep;

Gregory Wooddell, Alma Cuervo, Dick Latessa, and ensemble - The Miracle at Naples, Huntington Theatre;

Amanda Hennessey - The Superheroine Monologues, Phoenix Theatre Artists;

Sarah Newhouse, Craig Mathers - Picnic (at right), Stoneham Theatre;

Haviland Morris - Bad Dates, Merrimack Rep;

Vincent Earnest Siders - Galileo, Underground Railway Theater (oops, he's not Caucasian!);

Nigel Gore, Nancy Carroll, Tom O'Keefe and ensemble - Humble Boy, Publick Theater.

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