Thursday, April 30, 2009

What's happening to the Opera House?

It was not quite five years ago that the Opera House re-opened after a $38 million renovation. At the time, it glittered - and still does, for the most part (at left). But during a recent visit I noticed areas of plaster near the stage were deteriorating. Cracks and blisters had opened up around the bases of other columns, and chunks had simply fallen off in some spots, as if someone had taken a hammer to the detailing. When I asked an usher about the decay, she described it as "plaster blight." Which worried me a bit - I mean, the Opera House is all plaster. Could water have already leaked into the interior walls? Is management seeking to repair the situation? It would be a terrible shame if this glorious interior deteriorated. We're going to have to pursue this further.

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