Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The MSM screws the pooch again

The MSM is reeling as it feels the hate for Shepard Fairey. Over at the Exhibitionist, Geoff Edgers is shocked, shocked that the local yahoos resent the ICA unleashing Fairey on their property (rather than allowing the artist to tag their own brand-new building, as they should have). What's funny is that Geoff still doesn't get it - today, he's actually printing a letter from an "ICA party sponsor" that sells Shepard Fairey merchandise. (At left, Fairey's current campaign for Saks Fifth Avenue.) And over at HubArts (I know, but this is a blog - like "The Exhibitionist" - that's actually part of the MSM), Joel Brown finds a lonely lawyer who thinks Fairey's rip-off of that AP photo of Obama qualifies as fair use. (Although yes, the AP is obviously biased against Obama.) Meanwhile, on its front page, the Globe suddenly realizes that there's a "cultural divide" between the artist's canvas (us) and his admirers (them). Well, duh.

The funny thing is this all feels so familiar. Wasn't it just a year ago that the MSM was promoting another artistic fake - the once-famous, now-forgotten, Matter Pollocks? The formula is almost exactly the same - a museum on the make, some phony art, and a whole lot of middlebrow boomer buzz (much of it from precisely the same people in the MSM!). But, as before, slowly the whole campaign is unwinding like some over-leveraged derivative. Stay tuned, though; I'm sure this crowd has a whole new show in development for us in 2010!

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