Monday, February 23, 2009

Is it time to "Take Back the Rose"?

You may not have noticed, but something interesting happened in New York over the weekend - a group of NYU students stole a rebellious page from the 60's, barricaded themselves in a university cafeteria, and issued demands for financial transparency and a tuition freeze - along with, oddly, scholarships for students from Gaza. It didn't end well - after a long stand-off, force was applied, and several students were suspended. Still, it's an interesting tremor in the zeitgeist. You can read more about the students' demands and their next move at their website, Take Back NYU.

One wonders, in the wake of the announced closing of the Rose Art Museum, if students at Brandeis are as upset about their university's recent actions as the NYU students were about theirs. No doubt when squeezed by both the deteriorating economy and rising tuition, students could become more restive generally. Could we be on the brink of a new era of campus activism? Or will the NYU incident be seen by students at other schools as a cautionary tale?

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