Monday, December 1, 2008

How do you write about the blogosphere . .

. . . without actually writing about the blogosphere? Well, the Globe gives a pretty good answer with its Magazine's recent "Sixty-four websites on Boston life that you should know." The piece is rife with the kind of log-rolling one would expect, along with the usual prejudice toward the web as merely a wider net for calendar listings. If a thoughtful blogger is actually on the list, it's usually because he or she also writes for a print outlet (like Greg Cook - alas, that goes for less-thoughtful bloggers too). If the blogger (like moi) is critical of the dead-tree types - or offers deeper analysis than the print media can supply - then somehow, surprisingly, that blog is not one "you should know about." Tellingly, few of the "nicer" theatre blogs that are prone to actual thought (like Art Hennessey's) made the list, either. Because what Globe reader is interested in actual thought?


  1. Hey Thom,

    Todd Williams, of the Huntington, left a comment at the Globe article mentioning hubreview, mirror up to nature and the Mass Cultural Council's Artsake blog.

  2. Well, Todd Williams totally rocks! Only when I checked the article just now, I didn't see his comment. Maybe they took it down? - T.

  3. Hmmm.

    I really did see it there. I wonder.

  4. It's no mystery, buddy. I mean, if you were a middling restaurant, would you advertise that there was a better restaurant down the street, where the fare was free? I don't think so! ;-)