Monday, November 3, 2008

Jason Southerland's new gig

I hadn't heard this around town ( I'm always the last to know), but it seems our own Jason Southerland (left), a founder of Boston Theatre Works, will be moving to Chicago very soon to become the Artistic Director of the Next Theatre Company, "Chicago’s destination for socially provocative, artistically adventurous work." Full announcement is here. As local theatre buffs know, Boston Theatre Works was a casualty of the declining funding environment in these parts, despite a universally-hailed production of Angels in America last winter; only weeks after that success, it was announced the company would be going "on hiatus." Looks like the hiatus will be a long one. The loss of Jason is, of course, a blow to the Boston theatre scene - let's hope it doesn't represent the start of a trend. In the meantime, best wishes to Mr. Southerland on his new gig.


  1. Good riddens he is leaving. He destroyed Boston Theatre Works. It was not a victim of sagging contributions, he financially drove the organization into the ground.

    Before singing his praises, you may want to check in with all those affiliated, with BTW which had the potential to be great, and get their feedback. Try former employees, interns, and particularly board members.

    Your article will be different.

  2. Dan, I've published your comment, but I have to say I'm on the fence about having done so. Your profile is unavailable, so I don't know precisely who you are, or whether or not this is just a piece of character assassination due to some fall-out between you and Jason.

    I do know that managing the finances of a theater is a very challenging proposition (years ago I briefly ran one myself). So I'm inclined to give Jason the benefit of the doubt.

    I don't have the time to fully research the situation at Boston Theatre Works, but I'd be happy to hear from others who care to discuss the situation. In the meantime, Dan, if you could identify yourself and offer some sort of data to back up your claims, that would make your statements much more credible.