Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tell it like it is, Katie

Never thought I'd link to Katie Couric, but she lays it on the line here.


  1. On Wednesday night's "Coundtown," Keith Olbermann blasted Couric for her comments on the sexist coverage of Hillary Clinton and her remark that NBC News' Lee Cowan should "find another line of work" if he couldn't remain objective about Barack Obama.

    Olbermann called Couric's allegations of sexism "a bit Kool Aid-ish," charged Couric with misunderstanding Cowan's comment, and praised Cowan's objective reporting and his ability to separate the hype from the news.

    "It is sad that Ms. Couric could not have emulated [Cowan] and separated the hype from the news in her own promulgation of the nonsense that Senator Clinton was a victim of pronounced sexism."

  2. Well, it's sad to see the oft-incisive Keith Olbermann slide down to the level of assholes like Tucker Carlson or Chris Matthews (btw, has anyone figured out what shade of L'Oreal he uses?). Olbermann did so, of course, as part of a spirited defense of Lee Cowan (one of Couric's targets in other comments, but not particularly in this clip). I can't speak to Mr. Cowan in particular, so I'll give Olbermann the benefit of the doubt on that one, but he's certainly wrong in trying to maintain that Clinton was not the victim of obvious, blatant sexism. Imagine racist jokes about Obama's ability at basketball on "Hardball," for instance, or speculation on his sexual ability, and you'd have something equivalent to the attacks on Mrs. Clinton. It's a shame Mr. Olbermann's anger prevents him from seeing that.