Friday, April 25, 2008

Laugh or Cry Dept.

Well, I laughed - at the spectacle of Terry Byrne trying to make up with David Miller of Zeitgeist Stage. She screwed him out of a few thousand dollars over her review of Blowing Whistles, but now tries to refill the Zeitgeist coffers with a feature on their latest, Spin. Ah well, what the old girl can taketh away, she can also giveth, I suppose, and no harm done, right? But no, I won't be reviewing Spin - my personal antipathy for Miller is too strong, and unlike Byrne, I do have some principles (not many, but some).


  1. Your loss, Tom. I had a great time at "Spin." But, too, I'm a Barkhimer fan.

  2. Maybe so, but I probably wouldn't be able to separate my feelings for Miller from my impression of the show itself.