Friday, March 28, 2008


Correction! Earlier today I posted the following:

You'd think no one would dare tamper with an icon like the Eiffel Tower. But you'd be wrong. At left is a rendering of a temporary remodeling of the landmark by Serero Architects. The new addition is intended as a "celebration" of the tower's 120th anniversary, and will double the surface area of the topmost viewing platform. And it's fine, of course, if it proves only temporary. But wasn't the tower itself supposed to be only temporary? At any rate, you can read more about the new platform, which is supposedly "generated" by the existing structure's "DNA," here.

But it turns out the whole "temporary remodeling" was something of a misunderstanding, caused by Serero Architects' posting of a proposed remodeling design on the Web. The Eiffel Tower's managers say, however, that there are no plans to change its appearance for its 120th anniversary. Whew!

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