Thursday, January 10, 2008

Theatre reaches the Marines . . .

From the New York Times:

Oo-rah! A Squad of Actors Takes Lanford Wilson to the Marines

Money quote from the article (the performance was basically monologues by playwrights like ex-Marine John Patrick Shanley by or about "manly types"):

Laughter came slowly at first. A row of marines squirmed, appearing to debate whether to leave. But they did not. Nobody did. People began laughing loudly. When it was over, after less than an hour, some even complained that it was too short.

Cpl. Richard Moulder, 21, who was dragged to the performance by his wife, said he was baffled at any suggestion that marines would not take to a show like that. “I mean these are the kinds of people marines are,” he said of the characters that were portrayed. “About everybody who is in the Marines is in it because they have a broken home or because they’re out to prove something.”

Can an Iraqi tour of Streamers be next?

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