Sunday, January 20, 2008

Blowing Whistles opens!

Today's the day! Blowing Whistles officially opens this afternoon, against, of course, the Pats game. But surely our audience won't overlap with the Pats audience! (We hope.) At any rate, a number of critics wound up coming during previews - even the first preview - so in a way today is anti-climactic. But it's nice to have the official unveiling. I'm happy to report our talented cast - Joey Pelletier, Christopher Michael Brophy, and Brian Quint (l-r in photo)- are mining both the comic and tragic sides of the play with equal aplomb; indeed, some folks in the audience, after chuckling over gay folly in Act I, have left with tears in their eyes after the heart-rending second act. Which is pretty much the idea; what's most exciting is that straight people have seemed as moved as gay people, which speaks to the play's ultimate universality. Of course none of this would have happened without the contributions of everyone behind the scenes who make plays happen: Zeitgeist Artistic Director David Miller, who produced as well as designed the all-too-accurate set; Deirdre Benson, our omnipotent stage manager; Chris Fournier, our lighting designer (and fastest cue-builder in the world), Jenn Martinez, our up-to-the-minute costume designer, and Walter Eduardo, who built the best gay techno mix the BCA may have ever heard. To all of them, my thanks. Now on with the show. Blowing Whistles plays through February 9 at the Plaza Black Box Theatre at the BCA. You can order tickets (as many as you'd like!) here.

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