Thursday, January 3, 2008

And the envelope goes to . . .

Just because only a handful of people can win the acting honors at the IRNE and Norton Awards, I thought I'd set down a list of the performances I enjoyed the most in 2007.

But first a few specialty awards:

Most Versatile:

Brendan McNab - for intense turns in See What I Wanna See and Parade, then light ones in Side by Side by Sondheim and The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Most Reliable (3-way tie):

Will Lebow - The Cherry Orchard, Huntington Theatre/A Marvelous Party, A.R.T.

Will McGarrahan - Souvenir, Lyric Stage/Mystery of Edwin Drood, SpeakEasy Stage

Marianna Bassham - Love's Labour's Lost, Actors' Shakespeare Project, A Streetcar Named Desire, New Rep

Best Ensemble/Greatest Cowards (as in Noël) - (another 3-way) -

Victor Garber, Brooks Ashmanskas, Lisa Banes, Sarah Hudnut, Nancy E. Carroll, Pamela J. Gray, Richard Snee - Present Laughter, Huntington Theatre

Thomas Derrah, Will Lebow, Karen MacDonald, Remo Airaldi - A Marvelous Party, A.R.T.

Gabriel Kuttner, Diego Arciniegas, Susanne Nitter, Design for Living, Publick Theater

Really Good Ensembles That Weren't in a Coward Show -

Elizabeth Hayes, Angie Jepson, Risher Reddick, Shelley Bolman - A Midsummer Night's Dream, Boston Theatreworks

Maureen Adduci, Michael Steven Costello, Bill Bruce, Peter Brown, Melissa Baroni, Terrance Haddad, Emma Goodman, Amanda Good Hennessey, Ashley Kelly, Jordan Harrison, Jonathan Orsini, Michael O'Halloran, Gregory Maraio, Brett Marks, Curt Klump, Jacob Rosenbaum, Matthew Scott Robertson, Brian Quint, Mia Van de Water, Cheryl D. Singleton, Marlon Smith-Jones, Christine Power, Jeffrey B. Phillips (entire cast) - The Kentucky Cycle, Zeitgeist Stage

And, finally -

Individual Contributors

Jeremiah Kissel, Dick Latessa, Sarah Hudnut - The Cherry Orchard, Huntington Theatre

Merritt Janson - Britannicus, A.R.T.

June Baboian - See What I Wanna See, Lyric Stage

Cherry Jones, Chris McGarry - Doubt, National Tour

Debra Wise, Tuck Milligan - Orson's Shadow, New Rep

Kelly McAndrew - Brendan, Huntington Theatre

Jon Ferreira, Rick Park - Valhalla, Zeitgeist Stage

Greg Maraio, Daniel Berger-Jones - Mr. Marmalade, Company One

Kate Baldwin - The Three Musketeers, North Shore Music Theatre

Ato Essandoh, J.D. Williams - Streamers, Huntington Theatre

Kathy St. George - And Now Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Judy Garland

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