Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The roof leaks?? Really??? No way!!

The roofline of the Stata Center.

For some reason the fact that my alma mater is suing Frank Gehry for leaks and alleged design failures in the Stata Center rates front-page treatment in the Globe and elsewhere. I'm not going to debate the wisdom of MIT's action - apparently major work had to be done to the center's auditorium, among other spaces. Still, I'm amused by its naivete - did it really think modern sealants were that good? As for me, I love the Stata Center regardless - yes, I know it's not top-notch Gehry, and I know he's become a formulaic "starchitect," but it's still wonderful, and one of the best buildings in town - you know that by the way it's gotten under the skin of so many of the locals . . . particularly John Silber (who was responsible for so much outstanding architecture at BU!).


  1. As I read the piece in the Globe, I was thinking that they might want to consider those musical instrument rain gutters you posted about a while back!

  2. I agree about Gehry. His stuff may be pretentious, yes; but it's HAPPY-pretentious, which Lord knows is much needed around here.