Thursday, November 8, 2007

From my mouth to Drew's ears . . .?

Yes, you - the critic in the back!

Just weeks after my dust-up with Caldwell Titcomb on The Arts Fuse over Harvard's lack of support for theatre, and the arts in general, it turns out that none other than Drew Faust (above) seems to agree with me. How else to parse the news that she is organizing a task force to "examine the place of the arts at Harvard"? You can read the press release here. Maybe Caldwell would like to give her a piece of his mind, too.

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  1. Good.

    I was at the New Theatre's opening, too, though I prob'y enjoyed it more than you did. I had the mike in my hand, waiting to ask John Guare whether Princeton University's McCarter Theatre's (equally new) smaller theatres were going to accomodate outside theatre companies: down there, the Princeton Rep Company has gotten wonderful press for 20 years but never found a home; I didn't get called on in time, though.

    One real question that should be bounced around up here: why can't, say, *one* resident company that's outside Harvard use the New Theatre space for, say, two productions a year; and give Harvard students some idea of what a *small* company's survival strategy is really like. The question is quite germane, since The Nora and The Underground Railway theatres are setting up a new theatre in Central Square on (I believe) MIT property.