Thursday, October 25, 2007

Is Nicky Martin headed to Williamstown?

Boston is buzzing about this post in Variety.


  1. Boston Globe, New York Times, Playbill, TheatreMania all have it today. Not much speculation anymore.


  2. You know, I was honestly surprised when Rees was initially appointed Artistic Director out at Williamstown a few years back. He's (and I mean no disrespect by this) a name but not THAT much of one. You would think that they would have come up with a more prominent figure for the job (seriously, if you hadn’t won a Tony… would they even consider your application for it, I wonder?) and Rees is much more recognized as an actor then as a director, which in a position which has been so defined by producers and directors seems like a bit of an odd match. This isn't 1900 and the days of the Actor-Manager are long gone, so I guess I'm just a bit puzzled by why they Williamstown people chose Rees in the first place. On the flip side I guess you could argue that merely by virtue of being a film/television star Rees was someone who a larger percentage of people would recognize then your average well-known theatrical personage. I’m not sure I’d buy that argument though- unless it’s someone like, say, Kevin Spacey at the Old Vic who draws people via his mere presence. It would seem smarter to me to pick a savvy experienced producer or director. Had Rees even run a theatre before this? (I believe he was an Associate Director at the RSC, but that’s not a management position) Then again, at the point he was chosen he’d been working at Williamstown for several years, so I’m sure that was a point in his favor. Again, I’m not second-guessing anyone here and don’t mean it as a slam of Rees (whose work I’m largely unfamiliar with). Whatever search committee thought, I'm sure they had valid reasons at the time or at least thought they did. There was a great comment Jeff Zinn made recently when talking about casting about celebrities being "Artistic Director Crack" and I wonder how much of that played into the decision. As for the reasoning behind the early exit... who knows? Maybe the realities of trying to run a theatre and carry on a film career at the same time got to him. It certainly happened awfully fast though and with little or no warning, so maybe something else is going on behind the scenes.