Friday, August 3, 2007

What lies beneath

Believe it or not, a new van Gogh has just come to light (or at least to x-rays) - "Wild Vegetation." Trouble is, it's beneath an already-existing van Gogh, "The Ravine," at Boston's MFA - Vincent just painted right over "Wild" to produce the new work. Curators can make out the painting from an x-ray of the canvas, however (at left, "The Ravine," top, and "Wild Vegetation," via x-ray, below). The painting was identified when similaritiesn were noticed between the x-ray and an extant drawing at Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum. But will we ever be able to enjoy "Wild Vegetation" in all its glory? Probably not - but its existence will no doubt continue to haunt the acid blues of "The Ravine" forever.

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