Friday, June 8, 2007

Boston on Broadway

In the old days, critics used to complain that local theatres only produced last year's New York hits. The trend, however, may be reversing. Recently there have been hints that Sonia Flew, by local playwright/actress Melinda Lopez, may be headed for the Great White Way (see post below), and now it's been announced that Mauritius (which won an IRNE even though I hated it) will now open in September off-Broadway, at the Manhattan Theatre Club, with Bobby Canavale and Alison Pill under the direction of Doug Hughes (who directed Doubt). Mauritius will be co-produced by the Huntington, where it premiered last year. Are we once again becoming a try-out town - or is at least the Huntington becoming a try-out theatre?


  1. WOW! Thanks for the great review! I am having a great time doing the show here. Everyone in the cast is super talented.... all triple threats... not a weak link in the bunch. I'm glad it reads! I hope everyone reads your blog! I've been writing north shore's behind the scenes blog for them... I love doing it. Can you please review every show I'm in??? Let's hope.
    Karl Warden
    "Daniel Pontipee"

  2. Oh Karl, what can I say? Yes, I'll gladly follow you around the country and review every show you're in! ;-) Seriously, though, congratulations on a great production!