Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Gone, baby, gone

It's fairly obvious that the break between Robert Woodruff and the A.R.T. has been rancorous - he was pushed, he didn't jump; or he jumped before he was pushed. Today we learn that Gideon Lester will serve as Interim Artistic Director - starting immediately; i.e., Woodruff (whom I assume is still directing Britannicus) won't handle the artistic directorship even until the end of the year.

So who pushed Woodruff? Rumors continue to fly that it was "old money" Harvard, but this seems tailored to serve a certain middlebrow-baby-boomer mythos at large in the Hub. Progressive rocker overthrown by old money! To the barricades, everybody - but first, meet at the Middle East! Sigh. I've been meaning to post about this attitude (it seems to have come to a head around the Dresden Dolls debacle), so now is probably the time to collect my thoughts. More to come.

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