Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Christians for Divorce

The Catholic hierarchy has always fought the good fight.

I wish I had time today to blog on a number of issues I've been meaning to get to (the best of 2006, the ICA Foster Prize), but it looks like I'm going to be spending a good deal of the day at the State House again, facing down the usual contingent of "Christians" who are hell-bent on breaking up families (at least gay families). It seems incredible that with no data backing up their claim that gay marriage "harms" straight marriage, or their vile insinuations that gay parents do harm to their children, the "Christian" Right can still soldier on, its bigotry simply laid bare, with its campaign to force divorce on committed gay couples. (Since so many "Christians" are divorced, perhaps to them it's no big deal.) At least it's heartening that a survey on www.boston.com reveals 65% of Boston Globe readers now realize that this is a civil rights issue - but on the other hand, it's depressing to see Globe writers like Scott Lehigh serve as unconscious pawns of prejudice. The evil "Christians" only need 50 legislators to cast their lot with Satan - the question is, will they succeed? Stay tuned.

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